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How can Digital Asset Management as SaaS Software Benefit your Organization?

You’ve done your research thoroughly and gotten the green light from management to implement a new digital asset management system for your company.  It’s up and ready to go, and that’s when the questions start to fly.  Your CEO, key client or a vendor will ask
"what if?", "can it do?" or "could we?”

If you have decided on the Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management System, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  One phone call to your dedicated Honeycomb Archive specialist will put you on the path to answering those “what if” questions with a resounding “yes”.  There are many ways SaaS software can add flexibility, branding and custom features to a digital asset management system.

SaaS Software adds Flexibility to your Digital Asset Management System

DAM as SaaS Software adds many benefitsHoneycomb Archive is a web-based digital asset management system that can be utilized as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  You can add an unlimited number of users, and you can scale up to terabytes of media space if needed.  Honeycomb Archive is continually and fully backed up, supported and updated, so there is no additional internal IT support needed.  There is no digital asset management software to buy or hardware to install and those system updates are automatic.

Digital Asset Management SaaS Software Grows with your Organization

The customizable structure of Honeycomb Archive’s hosted digital asset management system sets it apart from other DAM software.  And because the needs of your company will change, you must have a digital asset management provider with the unique ability to grow and flexibly change with you seamlessly.  It is an affordable and attractive option for organizations that want to quickly implement a DAM software solution.

Digital Asset SaaS Software Goes Beyond Custom Branding

Honeycomb Archive takes the SaaS software approach one step further because it allows for nearly any type of system customization that may be required to mold the DAM software to your particular needs.  This customization can include custom branding of the digital asset management system user interface, but it can go far beyond the site branding to include reports, specific access controls, unique file formats and sizes or integration with other systems.  Because Honeycomb Archive is a web-based digital asset management system, nearly any request that is possible to achieve on the web can be added to your SaaS software system.

Many of our customers take advantage of this unique aspect of Honeycomb Archive and as a result we have built a library of features that can be adapted and applied to satisfy most custom digital asset management requests.  The ability to use Honeycomb Archive as SaaS software and meet customer-specific features can make the difference in achieving your digital asset management goals.  Call today to set-up a free demo with our Honeycomb Archive specialist. 

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